Happy birthday, Rinasciamo 4.0! 

Exactly one year ago the idea of founder Costanza Menchi took shape, whose goal was to tell about the restart of Florence through video-stories and interviews for the web, digitally allowing us an up-close look at the everyday realities of artisans, designers and creative youth. 

Nasce così il Collettivo di professionisti a sostegno della ripartenza delle eccellenze del territorio nell’uscita dalla crisi legata alla pandemia. 

In this way our Collective of professionals was born: to support the revival of our territory’s excellences from the crisis related to the pandemic, putting our professional skills to work in the planning, development and realisation of a communication project as well as both online and offline initiatives, while striving to always be open to evolution and to share values such as culture, quality, sustainability, human value, inclusivity, awareness, technologies, tradition, focusing ‘local’, and the concept of a circular economy. 

We have a shared desire of contributing to the restart of our territory, while at the same time sending a message of rebirth and hope. 

We’ve come a long way during this first year; we told you about ourselves, and we accompanied you through the world of Florentine artisans and institutions who wanted to tell their stories in front of our cameras, sharing with you their most human and emotional selves.

Today is the first birthday of the Collective, and we celebrate it with the awareness of being only at the beginning of our path, together with those who will join us in the future… 

Continuous research and a love for culture and the beauty of our land are constantly encouraging us to find new ideas to realize new projects to share with you.

Stay tuned, because Rinasciamo 4.0 never stops offering culture and experiences.

In the meanwhile, let’s enjoy this first year together.

Hooray for the restart!