What we do

Rinaciamo4.0 (“Reborn4.0”) is the title of our first series of shorts that were dreamt up, written and developed during the first Italian lockdown from March to April 2020, a time during which the whole world changed.

Filmed within the municipality of Florence, shooting began May 4th at the end of the first lockdown and continued until August.

The project was born from a need to keep human contact alive during this unexpected and unforeseeable historic moment.

We felt the urgency to express ourselves, to narrate and communicate our experience through its own defining elements,through an efficient and contemporary medium. The principal characters of these videos are artisans, artists, designers, stylists, creators, and institutional representatives that in interviews share with us the difficulties they experienced due to the pandemic, and how they overcame these with concrete solutions, the desire to start again, and their plans and hopes for the future.
The project was designed and produced by Costanza Menchi, a university professor of Fashion Studies and Communication at various American university and international study programs in Florence.
Through the words of these protagonists, we follow the story of a restart based on new ideas and a new vision for the future.

The main focus of the story is seen in the rebirth of the activity that makes up the socio-economic and cultural fabric, the very life, of the territory.

The main themes and focuses are: promotion of the territory and its key figures, local production, circular economy, sustainability, the environment, uniqueness, quality, creativity and technology.

At the same time, we are launching our social media communication, introducing our team to the public, and sharing the behind the scenes of the videos, pictures and content, in the spirit of the idea that people and their skills make the difference.

The next step, which should take place in January 2021, is the launch of this portal.
A platform rich in content and people that share the same values, that will be continuously enriched by collaborations and new projects, both digital and in person, that share Florence with the world. Our desire is to combine the opportunities that technology offers us with the human capacity to create, reinvent, and evolve.

Originating in Florence and Tuscany, we appeal to the younger generations and to all those that have an appreciation for the idea of Made in Florence, in Tuscany, and in Italy. We want to invite you to collaborate with us, to restart together, and to look to the future proactively.
A two-way conversation between Florence and the global community.
Let’s restart.
Let’s begin again.

Costanza Menchi
Founder and Producer